Taylor-made shows and value-led concepts

A very special show - only for you

La compagnie qui pétille creates taylor-made improv shows, upon request from NGOs, associations, companies, public players...

We propose differents concepts and formats, according to your wishes and objectives et the context of the performance.

It can be an improvised version of what happened during your event, or a long-form piece inspired by your team's stories, everything is possible!

What about a committed value-led performance?

Our specificity is to be able, when it is relevant, to offer a value-led approach, and explore improv theater for reaching out to society issues.

For us, improv, like theater, can be a mean to bring social change, and we share strong values which support our creations.

If you wish to offer a unique show, tackling (directly or indirectly) society issues and values such as: sexism, homophobia, discriminations... Call us, we would be happy to talk about it and exchange with you!

Taylor-made shows and value-led concepts